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NCKCN NextGen 4G WiMAX Wireless Internet Access- NCKCN is now offering exciting new 4G wireless Internet access in the Beloit, Belleville and Lincoln areas. Starting with speeds up to 3Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload, this Next Generation wireless is a huge leap in technology. Utilizing the latest in wireless 4G technology, NextGen is capable of video, gaming, and more. Throughput can be up to 10 times the speed of previous wireless technologies. Click here for our NextGen 4G WiMax Wireless Interest Form and sign up today.
Going Mobile or Traveling?- Need to get and send your NCKCN email on your mobile device or traveling? You can sign up for our NCKCN SMTPMobile service. This allows you to send your NCKCN email from anywhere in the world and from any device such as SmartPhones, iPads, iPhones, Androids or even when you are just traveling with your personal computer. Since you are outside the NCKCN system when you use these devices or are traveling, you cannot use the internal NCKCN system to send email, but NCKCN SMTPMobile service allows you to authenticate on your account and send. Simply fill out the NCKCN SMTPMobile Service request form. Look at our Settings page for details. We also offer Virtual Domain SMTPMobile service for Virtual Domain members so they can enjoy the benefits of sending from anywhere, on any email capable device as their own domain. Simply fill out the Virtual Domain SMTPMobile Service request form. **You must contact NCKCN if you wish to use the Secure SMTP Mobile Service prior to use.

EdgeWave Email Filtering

We are pleased to announce our new Email Spam/Virus Filtering service. Here are some useful links:

  • EdgeWave Email Filtering Personal Dashboard Login - Your EdgeWave Email Filtering login page.
  • EdgeWave Email Filtering Dashboard Demo - Great demo of the new EdgeWave Dashboard web interface
  • EdgeWave FAQ - Frequently Asked Question site. A great place to look for any answers.
  • - EdgeWave Spam submission address. Send spam as an attachment to this address just as you did with Postini. Note: You have to attach the entire email, not just forward it, so that the actual "under the hood" information about the spam gets delivered to EdgeWave. Here's a link for a great explanation and some specific instructions -

Web MailMan  - Our web-based interface for  email. If you wish to use our old interface, it can be found here.

Our Tech Support is on-line. 1-877-841-6500 (NCKCN Members Only)

Respect Copyrighted Material And Avoid Digital Piracy

With so many options out there for viewing movies and TV shows online, it can be confusing to find the real thing content that doesn't involve copyright infringement. In addition, others could be using your Internet account without your knowledge to conduct illegal activities. It's important you understand that downloading pirated content through a site like BitTorrent is illegal and organizations are actively protecting these rights.

For example, the Copyright Alert System (CAS) is designed to help consumers understand when files may have been shared illegally on peer-2-peer (P2P) networks through their Internet accounts. According to, "artists, moviemakers and other owners of content join public P2P networks to see if the music, movies, and TV shows they've made available are being shared without permission and in violation of U.S. copyright law. If they notice that a file is being shared illegally, they notify the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that ISP, in turn, passes on that notice to their subscriber as a Copyright Alert."

NCKCN is receiving CAS notifications regarding copyright infringement by our Internet customers. Sharing illegal content violates the NCKCN/Cunningham Acceptable Use Policy. Disciplinary action including fees associated with tracking and notifying customers of violations up to, and including, termination of the Internet account for repeat violators may be taken.

If you are alerted about unlawful content sharing, we trust that you will take the appropriate steps to correct the situation. To help avoid these issues in the future, follow these tips:

  • Watch for titles that are "too new to be true." Movies that have yet to be released in theaters, or which are still out in theaters, are not legally available online. If very recent titles are being sold or traded online, they are almost invariably illegal copies.

  • Trust your eyes and ears. In many cases, the quality of illegal copies is inferior with poor sound and can appear blurry or shaky.

  • Be cautious when websites make offers that are "too good to be true." Be wary of "free" content when searching for and purchasing downloads from unfamiliar sites; they typically indicate pirated product. Look out for terms like "Unlimited Movie Downloads," "100% legal," and "Millions of Files Shared." Offers for one-time or yearly fees with no details and no contact information should also alert you that you have entered an illegal site.

As you look for entertainment online, remember to be respectful of the artists' work and keep your downloading within legal parameters. If you have any questions about our policies regarding digital piracy, call NCKCN at 785-738-2218.

If you have support or general questions please email us at: If you have any comments or questions about the NCKCN System, you can reach NCKCN by e-mail at: 

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