SMTP Mobile Service

NCKCN's SMTP Mobile Service

Are you constantly on the move with your mobile device(s) and wish you could send messages with your NCKCN or Virtual Domain's email account from any wifi access point? If so, sign up for NCKCN's SMTP Mobile Service - It's 100% FREE...

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Pre-Authorized Payment Option

NCKCN Pre-Authorized Payment

Would you like to pay your NCKCN bill conveniently? NCKCN offers automatic withdraw for your monthly/yearly services...

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NCKCN's Webmail Portal

Use the webmail interface if you want to check, send or delete your email via your browser instead of using an email client program. You can also use the webmail interface to set up any forwards, redirects or auto-responses...

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Email at your

Supplementary Pack


Block of


email accounts

NCKCN & CTC members only

EdgeWave spam filtering - $1.25/mo per account

( )


Mailbox storage limit: 500MB

Max number of folders: 1000

Email size limit: 20MB

Feel safe knowing that NCKCN does not perform any

type of data-mining techniques and never will

on our members email accounts like other

email service providers do

. : : NCKCN Email : : .

Fast • Modern • Flexible

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Email Form

**Please provide your NCKCN Master email address. This is the very first email address you were issued by NCKCN. NCKCN will send out a confirmation email to the email address you specify here once your new block of 5 email addresses are ready as well as once 1 of your new block of 5 email address accounts has been activated.

Will this be for a...*

**NOTE: The "NEW BLOCK OF 5 EMAIL ADDRESSES" option above would need to be selected if you are wanting an extra set (or block) of 5 email addresses from NCKCN. Even if you only need 1 extra at this time, NCKCN only dishes out email addresses in blocks of 5. With that said, and all you need is 1 extra, for example, you can always come back here and activate your other 4 email addresses at a later time. To activate your other 4 accounts, simply fill out this form another 4 times and select the "NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FROM BLOCK OF 5" option above.

**Usernames may be a mixture of either all lowercase letters, numbers or both. Any capital letters, spaces, and/or special characters will not work. Usernames must be at least 3 characters long. Also, for security reasons, Usernames and Passwords must never be the same or similar enough that they can be guessed at like a username of "jsmith" and a password of "smith". So when filling out your password below, it cannot contain your username in any fashion. They must be different.

**The Password field is optional. If you would like NCKCN to provide you a password, simply leave this field blank. If you would like to choose your own password, please follow these standards: For strong passwords, use a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. Never have your password be the same or similar to your username...Period...and remember to never share your password with anyone along with keeping your password stored in a safe place where nobody knows where it is but you for reference if needed. Following this standard will ensure a strong and secure password.




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